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Dust Collector is a vital part of any industrial operation and has been an important part of an industrial process since years. There are different types of industrial set up hence it is important to choose the type of dust collector that fits best to your need. Trimech India – dust collector manufacturer and supplier assists you to select one that can give your industrial process a maximum advantage. Dust collector manufacturer- Trimech India supports the making of its dust collector in a curetted design to fulfill needs as per industrial requirement without any inflated rates.

Let us understand different type of dust collectors before we decide as to which one is suitable for a specific industrial operations.

  1. Inertial separator: It works on a simple principle. It separates dust from the gas stream using a combination of centrifugal, gravitational and inertial force. The dust is moved to the area where the force exerted is the least. Due to gravity, the dust moves into hopper and stored temporarily until removed.
  2. Settling chamber: It is a simple designed large apparatus where air is passed. As it has a larger space, the heavy particles tend to settle down during the journey. Thought this one cannot be used as primary dust collector as it has lower efficiency.
  3. Fabric filter:  It is a bag filter which contains woven cotton, synthetic or glass fiber material either in a tube or envelop shape. It separates particulates from gas. It is one of the most efficient types. It has an efficiency of as high as 99%. It is characterized by its method of cleaning. It includes shaking, reverse air, pulse jet, sonic and cartridge collector.
  4. Wet scrubber:  This collector uses liquid to remove dust. Here the scrubbing liquid comes in contact with the air. The greater the contact, the higher the efficiency to remove dust.
  5. Electrostatic precipitator:  It works on the principle of electrostatic force. There is a flow of contaminated gas in the space between the charged electrodes that are grounded. The air borne particles acquires negative charged as they travel through ionized field. These particles then gets attracted to positively charged grounded electrode and get coated. Lower gas flow and larger electrode collection area helps in increasing the efficiency of the collector.
  6. Unit collector: This is a small and self contained model. It contains fan and some forms of dust collector. It can be used for isolated, portable for frequently moving dust producing operations.

Importance of dust collector

In certain industries either small or big, there are impurities and contaminants present. Being a part of that industry you cannot have the chance to avoid those contaminants when you breathe air. Those dust particles, particulate matter or debris are floating in the air that becomes a breathing issue for the workers. Hence there is an importance of dust collector which will remove such harmful components and keep the air clean.

  1. Health and safety: The presence of contaminants or dust particles in air leads to the deterioration of lungs of the employees. The health is at risk at longer run. The deposition of dust here and there can lead to chances to explosion. To avoid such dangerous situation, dust collector is important. It will effectively remove any unwanted particles to keep good health and avoid danger.
  2. Higher productivity: Dust and dirt are extremely minute particles. They can settle down on the machinery or the apparatus and decrease their working efficiency. These particles can also lead to broken or damaged parts. Hence, dust collector is used so that it can help in removing dust particles leading to smooth working machines which in turn leads to higher yield of the product.
  3. Product quality: These tiny dust particles may settle down on the finished product. This can lead to atypical odor or it can lead to degraded product quality. Dust collector can effectively collect dust and keep it away from the final product. This will ensure better quality and customer satisfaction.
  4. Regulations and laws: There are various rules and regulation implied upon an industry when the set up is made. The owner is liable to abide by the law.  Some of the laws are related to the cleanliness of environment and health of employees. Emission of pollutants can cause an industry to be fined and most importantly the health of workers is at risk. Keeping dust collector of industrial process ensures that the pollutants are not left in the air so that the air is kept clean and the health and safety of workers is looked for.
  5. Happy employees: It is very obvious that if the workers health is deteriorated, they cannot work happily. They will surely look for another work and leave the industry as soon as they get another. One may lose efficient and honest employee. With the help of dust collector, you will be providing a healthy and safe atmosphere which will help in keeping the workers happy and they will be retained to your industry for long.

Trimech India is supplier of dust collector all over India and a renowned exporter for the same.

The well being of the entire staff is very important. The nature around us also needs to be maintained. Dust collector is blessing in this modern industrial era. Get yours now. Trimech India is there to provide you with one of the best that suits your industrial need.

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